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Roma Tomato Slicer


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Now, it’s faster and easier than ever to get consistent, uniform slices of the tomato family’s popular oddball variety! The Roma Tomato Slicer preserves the tomato’s integrity, without slowing down the slicing process. Just lay the Roma tomato on its side in the base’s cradle, pull down on the handle and the scalloped cartridge blade assembly slices cleanly through with no crushing or squeezing. The compact size makes the Roma Tomato Slicer exceptionally portable for any kitchen.

Key Features

  • Cast aluminum frame is light weight, but extremely durable
  • Cartridge blade assembly pops in and out by pulling two pins
  • Stainless-steel scalloped blades zip right through the tomato with no crushing or squeezing
  • Roma-tailored cradle remains stable, but lifts out with ease
  • Suction-cup feet hold fast to any countertop surface
  • Compact size makes the unit exceptionally portable