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Spiral Fry lets you turn potatoes into platesful of uniquely appetizing, fresh, thin spiral fries that serve up big profits for you. Simply load up to a 70-ct. potato, and turn the easy-action drive screw. No peeling required. Easily releases and retracts for fast reloading. Preset drive depth protects blades from contact with metal parts. Heavy-duty construction adds durability and long life. Mounts securely on any flat surface for left- or right handed operation. Removes easily for quick cleanup—just loosen the mounting nut, slide out and rinse. Fine Cut Garnish Cutter makes attractive vegetable garnishes quickly and easily. The Ribbon Fry Cutter makes a great side for sandwiches. The unique chip Twister Fry is the newest trend!

Key Features

  • Money maker!
  • 5 styles of cuts available: Spiral, Ribbon, Wavy Ribbon, Garnish, and Chip Twister!
  • Use up to a 70 count potato
  • Easy to remove from tabletop for cleaning
  • Compact, portable, and simple to use


Model # Description Replacement Blades Agency Listing
55050AN Spiral Fry 55002 Separating Blade
55003 Shearing Blade
55017 Front Plate Assembly
55050AN-R Ribbon Fry 55492 Shearing Blade  
55876 Front Plate Assembly
55050AN-G Fine Cut Garnish 55492 Shearing Blade
55702 Separating Blade
55711 Front Plate Assembly
55050AN-WR Wavy Ribbon Fry 55492-WR Shearing Blade  
55876-WR Front Plate Assembly
55050AN-CT Chip Twister Fry (straight)55492-CT Shearing Blade  
55876-CT Front Plate Assembly
55050AN-WCT Chip Twister Fry (wavy)55492-WCT Shearing Blade  
55876-WCT Front Plate Assembly