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Easy Slicer™ Vegetable Slicer


Standard Features:

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Easy Slicer is the one slicer you need to make fast, easy work of most fruits and vegetables.  Unique, adjustable, stainless steel blade provides a full range of slicing options, from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch in thickness, for extra versatility and convenience.  Simply turn the thumbscrew control to lock in your setting on the easy-to-read calibrated gauge.  Use with NEMCO mounting base 55816 (sold separately) for a secure workstation, plus easy removal for cleaning and storage.  Fixed cut models also available.  Optional shredding plates fit all units.

Key Features

  • Labor Saving - - faster than by hand!
  • Consistent cut size for portion control
  • Versatile - - can slice and shred virtually any produce
  • Quick, operator-adjustable slice thickness on a 1/16-inch - 1/2-inch calibrated gauge; fixed cut sizes also available
  • Compact, portable, and simple to use


Model # Description Replacement Blades Agency Listing
55200AN Adjustable Cut 55135 (set of 2)
55200AN-4 1/8-inch Fixed Cut 55135 (set of 2)
55200AN-6 3/16-inch Fixed Cut 55135 (set of 2)
55200AN-8 1/4-inch Fixed Cut 55135 (set of 2)
55200AN-1 3/16-inch Shredder 55178
55200AN-2 5/16-inch Shredder 55179

Optional Accessories

Model # Description
55257 Sharpening Stone
55263-1 3/16-inch Shredder Plates
55263-2 5/16-inch Shredder Plates
55816 Portable Base